Heaven's Rainbow Bridge is a Pet Cemetery and Crematorium in Amarillo, Texas and is a licensed affiliate of a select network of family owned and operated service providers.  We believe that creating meaningful ways to pay tribute to a a beloved pet begins with compassion and is shaped by the understanding that each pet's life is truly unique.  For that reason, the use of a medallion and web-based software allows for the proper and accurate tracking of each pet to assure they can be traced throughout their passage.  Heaven's Rainbow Bridge offers a landscaped pet cemetery for a peaceful resting place as well as individual private, semi-private, and communal pet cremations.  Each pet is treated with the same compassion, dignity, and respect every loved family member deserves. We are committed to celebrating the life you shared together and are here to serve you while deciding how best to honor the family member you have lost.

Honoring the Life of Your Loving Pet

Pets are unconditionally loyal companions that profoundly touch our lives. Because pets bring us immeasurable happiness, love, and joy, it can be devastating to lose such an adored friend. Heaven's Rainbow Bridge in Amarillo, TX offers a peaceful place of rest in our landscaped pet cemetery and individual private, semi-private, and communal pet cremations.  Families may customize memorial services to say goodbye to their beloved pet in their own special way.  Pet memorial products and grief support materials are available to make this major life passage one of meaning and significance.

Saying Goodbye

We understand how important it is to properly say goodbye to every member of your family. Families are encouraged to hold a memorial ceremony in honor of your pet. Additionally, our staff is available to help your family create the perfect tribute to reflect your pet's unique life. These comforting events offer you and your family the opportunity to share stories about your beloved pet and say your final goodbyes. We invite you to bring all of your pet family members to the gathering or ceremony so they can say their goodbyes as well. Finally, we offer you the opportunity to memorialize your cherished friend by expressing your love and telling their story through words and pictures on our Pet Tales Stories page.


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It was love at first site with Max. He had so much love for everyone he met. He was always a happy dog. He was my dad's dog and when my dad passed, he came to live with us. He grew up with my son and then helped us welco...


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